I am more than happy to paint from photographs, so if you have a favourite picture of your beloved pet, a special holiday snap of a wonderful place or indeed have any other photo you would like turned into an original painting I would be very pleased to undertake your commission.

Pet Portraits:

As a pet owner and animal lover, I understand how much joy and comfort our pets bring; with an original pet portrait you can capture the spirit and personality of your loved ones, to either celebrate an adored pet or to remember ones we have lost.

A commissioned pet portrait makes a unique gift, that you know will be treasured forever.

Other Subject Paintings:

I love to take pictures whilst on holiday or out and about here, on the very beautiful Isle of Wight, and whilst it is nice to have the photo, a painting can add so much more to that favourite scene.

If you have a photo or picture of somewhere very special to you, or you know is important to someone you love, why not have it captured in a painting to hang on the wall, where it can be viewed daily.

Photographing Your Pet:

The foundation of a good pet portrait is having a good photograph to work from:

  • Your pet’s eyes should be clearly visible and their face should fill most of the picture unless you have decided on a full body portrait.
  • Ideally the photo should be taken at your pet’s eye level rather than looking down on them.
  • Taking your pictures outdoors in daylight gives the best results.  Very bright sunlight can reflect too much, so try taking them mid morning or mid afternoon.
  • Set your digital camera to high quality image (300 dpi). Photos over 1mb in size are ideal.  If your photo is below 500k please consider that it might be too small to work with.

If you cannot take current photos of your pet but have some you think will be good I am happy to take a look and advise you as necessary.

To order your commission or to purchase a limited edition print, please see the ‘Contact Me‘ page where you will be able to e-mail me some detail.